1953 Till Today

All About Tapes

Atlas Tapes S.A., a verticaly intergrated manufacturer of self-adhesive tapes. Greek market leader, ranking between the top European producers, exporting over 85% of production.

Original company was founded in Athens, by Christopher Lantzis and his sons in 1953. In 1977,  production moves to Atalanti where it remains today. Over the years, various investments led to the addition of new coating technologies and currently the company manufactures a comprehensive range of tapes, which includes:

Packaging tapes: PVC, BOPP coated with solvent, acrylic and hot melt adhesive

Masking tapes: Acrylic, solvent and hot melt

Stationery tapes: Cellulose and BOPP

Specialty products , including Aluminum, Duct and a range of Double sided

Second and third generation Lantzis family with the support of new investors are on the helm of Atlas Tapes. During the same period, a five year investment program was implemented which led to the expansion of the total covered area of plants to 40,000sqm  ( on a 140,000sqm plot) This includes new offices to accommodate the continuously increasing needs of personnel, a fully automated slitting department and the renovation of a state of the art laboratory, operating under ISO 9001 and 14001. In 2014 Atlas Tapes celebrated the 30th years anniversary of masking production by installing a new paper impregnation line (total of two) and an exclusive masking solvent natural rubber coater (total of five) along with other two lathe slitters (total of three). In 2015, the installations of a new 2 meter solvent coating line began to be implemented. At the same time a European first is proudly presented with the installation of an energy producing pellet burner.

Atlas Tapes production today operates with:

  • 9 coating lines: two acrylic water based, five solvent natural rubber and two hot melt synthetic rubber
  • 2 masking paper impregnation lines
  • 16 fully automatic and robotic slitter-rewinders and numerous semi-automatic, as well as three fully automatic lathe (torno) slitters.
  • A 6 color undersurface printing line

The continuous development and upgrade of the plant facilities, highlight the company’s dynamic for technologically advanced production and high quality standards.

A large investment has also been made on personnel of approximately  350 skilled employees (195 in 2010) constituting the heart and soul of the operation. Personnel numbers are continuously increasing as a result of the augmented capacity and sales force as well as constant developments of the company.

Atlas tapes is a member of Afera